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Sparrow Explorer’s Best Selling Machu Picchu Tours 2024

We are Sparrow Explorer Travel, a local tour operator in Peru. We focus on giving you the best experience to ensure unforgettable memories with quality service and complete safety. Sparrow Explorer creates unique adventures throughout Peru’s Andes with the top models, affordable prices, and customized packages. We are a responsible agency that takes sustainable travel into consideration, showcasing a deep care for nature, culture, and local communities.

With Peru’s fantastic range of archeological landmarks, breathtaking natural beauty, and rich cultural history, we hope you don’t miss a thing during your trip. So, if you want a tailored experience of a Machu Picchu hike, we have a vast range of Inca Trail tours for you to choose from.

Sparrow Explorer’s Best Cusco Tours & Alternative Inca Trails to Machu Picchu 2024

We offer several tours and treks between Cusco and Machu Picchu, each offering a diverse array of history, nature, adventure, art, gastronomy, and customs for you to discover. These Machu Picchu tours from Cusco take a deep dive into the indigenous people and explore the local experiences. So, are you ready to enjoy the best all-inclusive Machu Picchu tours? If so, take your pick from one of our top Machu Picchu hiking tours.

The Best Peru Tour Packages With Sparrow Explorer 2024

Sparrow Explorer Travel offers travelers extreme comfort, independence, quality, and a stress-free experience, ensuring a hassle-free journey with personalized services. These luxury trips are characterized by unique and exclusive experiences and tailor-made services. We provide experiences beyond Machu Picchu, like Cusco City, Moray, the Salt Mines of Maras, and Sacred Valley tours. If you’re looking for a luxury experience, you’ll find it all right here, as we prioritize the destination and prefer exclusive boutique hotels followed by international chains. Sparrow Explorer uses the 5 C’s of luxury travel: content, customization, cultural heritage, comfort, and customer service to provide a complete adventure you’ll always remember. If you want to enjoy an all-inclusive vacation to Peru, look at our top offers.

Why You Should Book With Sparrow Explorer

As a local company, Sparrow Explorer looks to uplift the community, providing everyone who works in the team with a sense of pride. From social projects to our sustainable travel practices, there are several why you should choose Sparrow Explorer for your next Machu Picchu mountain getaway.

Sparrow Explorer’s Social Engagement

With a strong emphasis on community engagement and helping improve the lives of everyone, Sparrow Explorer takes part in several social projects. For a quick look, here are the most notable programs we’re involved in:

  • The Walk a Mile in My Shoes Project
  • The donation of educational material to Chinchero, Piuray Lake, Qenqo, and Pisac.
  • The Santa Shoebox Drive
  • A food drive for Huacoto

Our Focus on Sustainable Travel

We seek to protect our environment and ensure all our tours align with the leave-no-trace principle. As such, we aim to stick to the marked trails to avoid destroying the ecosystem, provide biodegradable packaging for all meals, and use public transportation wherever possible. With each of these conscious efforts, we help reduce the effects of global warming and ensure everyone protects our home — planet Earth.

Dream, Plan, & Discover a Tailor-Made Tour With Sparrow Explorer

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Our reviews

Madeline N
Madeline N
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I spent 8 days exploring Peru with the most amazing tour guide, Abel. He went above and beyond to make sure everyone in our tour was taken care of. We were able to see so much of Peru and Abel made sure anything that our group wanted to do was done. Abel was always on top of it to fix any problem we had. He truly made my trip unforgettable.
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Great experience!

We had a full day and a half tours with Abel. He has a very likable personality and pairs that with professionalism and tremendous knowledge of the Inca ruins, history and culture. Our first stop was Sacred Valley and all around it. The other half day tour was Cusco. Abel picked us up in our hotel on time with a tour van that was nearly new, clean and with a professional driver!

On our way to sacred valley Abel was telling us many facts about Peru and Cusco. He wowed us with stories of the ancient and powerful Incas. At times we were at the edge of our seat awaiting the next story. We were provided water and soft drinks. And taken to a delicious local restaurant for Peru’s famous ceviche and other dishes. In all we learned so much information about the history and culture of Peru that we would could have never learned for ourselves even with the help of the all mighty Google. We would recommend this company for tours in South America for our friends, loved ones, and you!!!
Rigo Hernández-Salazar
Rigo Hernández-Salazar
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Abel, our guide was amazing! He was patient with our group at all times and was always so quick to find a fix for any problem we might encounter. I definitely recommend this agency as they were able to offer a great mix of not just the tourist spots but also the cultural and local spots that a tourist might miss. 10/10 recommended!

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Brooke Esther
Brooke Esther
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Abel is one of a kind guy! He was our tour guide in Cusco and for the Inca trail and Machu Picchu. He is so knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for his travelers. He is passionate about archeology and it shows when he is giving you tours around the city. He knows Cusco like the back of his hand and shows you all the great spots to visit and eat while in the city. I highly recommend him. We were a group of five girls and he was patient with us and put up with our antics. If you are looking for a tour guide in look no further then Abel.
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