Dear Customer.

All Sparrow Explorer Travel Family would like to say, thank you very much for choosing us in order that we have the pleasure to organize you tour experience with a lof of SAFE, fun and unforgettable memories. However, we strongly recommend that you carefully read our term and conditions.


After you did your reservation by email or website, Sparrow Explorer Travel requires at less 50% from the final price of the tour that you booked. The payment must due by one authorized payment methods. (Visa, PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transference). The other 50% of your tour must be paid in cash the first day of your arrival to Cusco City with American Dollars (US$) to one of the Sparrow Explorer Travel Staff who is coming to assist you in case you have any questions before start the tour and double check all your itinerary before it starts (Full Name, Passport Number, Nationality, Age and Sex. However, we recommend to report or inform us if you have any allergies, diseases, passenger conditions, characteristics of each passenger or even Food Preferences.

As soon we get your reservation and payment with all your personal information in order to do the confirmation one of our Sales Officer will contact you by email to confirm the tour with all the things included into your booked and at the same time, we will send you a final invoice with the amount you did in the deposit and your final balance to pay the day you get to Cusco. Please, when you get this email and check that everything is okay with you request tour.

In case your reservation was do in the last minute (under 48 hours before start your tour you will have another term and conditions different to this one. But, we will informing you when we are going the send the last confirmation in your email.


The prices for all our tours are based on double accommodations, however, if you prefer to have a single supplement or any special request for rooms let us know sending a email to: [email protected]


After pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are more flexible in case of modifications or cancellations policies. So, if there are any very important reason why you can not travel to do the tour you will have the chance to do the tour in the future without extra cost or payment. The unique request is that you must inform us about the trip 30 days before start the tour if its early than that even better. However, in case of Inca Trail Permits is not possible to change day so we will need to buy a new entrance for this tour. So, just for this kind of situations because we will need to buy a new entrance you are going to have another permit and the price is 100 US$. (We would like to remind you that the entrances for machu picchu or inca trail are not exchangeable, non-transferable and non-refundable. All this conditions put by Peruvian Government (Ministry of Culture).


All our Tours and Itineraries are well done planned carefully and attention. However, in case we need to change the order of the activities for operation reasons or other main reason we will do. Of course, we will let you know in case those things happen before we do. Although, usually these situations not happen very often.

Sparrow Explorer Travel reserves the right to make change without prior notice for weather conditions, arrival or departure flights, buses, train or any other important reason.

Remember that the Travel Agency is not responsible for cancellation in the last minute for your flights delay, weather conditions, strikes, social conflicts or road blockages. However, what we can do is find the best solution in order to lose at less as possible in your tour or package.


Those are our cancellations policies according the experiences in the different tours, packages or programs that operate. the percentage to pay for all this terms and conditions will depend of the days before you cancel.

45 – 30 days before the tour start date: the 60% of the deposit will not be refundable

30 – 20 days before the tour start date: the 70% of the deposit will not be refundable

20 – 10 days before the tour start date: the 80% of the deposit will not be refundable

10 – 0 days before the tour start date: the 100% of the deposit will not be refundable

Note: there are special tours and treks that are not refundable or untransferable ones we did the reservation so consider this term and conditions apply to the different days Lares trek, Salkantay trek, Huchuy Qosqo, Inca Trail or Short Inca Trail (tickets for porters, tickets for cook, tickets for train). All these conditions are because, the companies that sell us the different services not refund us anything of the payment.

Very Important:

In case of NO SHOW for any reason are not refundable.

In case happened anything during the trip or tour and you have an extra expense the company is not responsible for these expenses, so you must consider to have a travel insurance to cover this kind of situations.

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