How do I get to Cusco?

 To arrive in Cusco, most flights will divert you through Lima, so one option is to spend some time in the capital city before flying south. Or, should you prefer to spend the majority of your time in Cusco, this will also allow you to gradually acclimatize to the altitude, before beginning your tours with us! If you are exploring other parts of the country, another option is to arrive by bus, from any of the major cities located nearby (e.g. Puno, Arequipa etc.)

How many days should I plan for in Cusco before the trek?

There isn’t one recommendation here that applies to all people, because acclimatization to altitude is really on a case-by-case basis. A good suggestion to allow for both time to relax, and adjust to altitude and time differences is a minimum of two days. Additionally, indulging in coca tea (a popular local remedy), and drinking plenty of water will help this process go more smoothly!

What should I do about travel insurance?

Our company does not require you to have it, however it is recommended for all major travel experiences. By inquiring with your credit card or health insurance company, one will often find that there is both travel and medical insurance coverage, either included or available for upgrade.

What kinds of vaccinations and medication should I have?

 On this issue, we recommend all visitors to speak to their family doctor, or a local travel medicine specialist, as well as researching government suggestions. Most visitors will likely want their Hepatitis A/B vaccinations, as well as medication for altitude sickness, travel diarrhea, and a broad-spectrum antibiotic. If you have other planned destinations in Peru or Latin America, your doctor could also recommend additional vaccinations or medication. It is best to inquire as early as possible to ensure that enough time is allotted for all required health issues!

What should I plan on tipping?

We pride ourselves on giving all staff a fair living wage, however it is customary in Peru to tip if you feel that you received excellent service. Additionally, it might interest you to know that the tourism industry is considered quite important in Peru, and therefore the majority of guides and staff you will encounter have five years of university/college level experience before being able to work professionally. In terms of percentage, 10% is considered reasonable, and can be accepted by all service industries, save for taxi drivers.

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