In 2010 Mr, Sparrow, attended San Antonio Abad Cusco University, earning a degree in Tourism and archaeology, Management and Environmental Conservation. He has guided for big tour Operators in Cusco and has walked the well known Inca trail over three hundred times. Once he ran the entire trail in 10 hours, (still proud of it) a pioneer designer in alternatives trek routes in Cusco region, designer of programs and tourism consultor in all of Peru and has been involved in Tourism for all his life, guiding treks around Cusco, andean glaciers and Jungle in all of Peru. It started as a passion and turned out a profession. Specialist of AMS, Altitude Medicine and mountain rescue. During long time he was working in different companies in all of Peru and at the same time he did studies as a archaeologist in all of his country where he has collected experiences and knowledge which have enriched his life and profession to teach his staff to manage and reinforce the top quality customer service focused in what travelers expect… For many years Mr. Sparrow has dedicated himself to training and developing the highly reputable professional Trekking and touring staff of Sparrow Explorer Travel in Cusco. however. you should need to know that he was working from 10 years old selling postcard and seeing many thing as a help to andean people.

In 2014, he created Sparrow Explorer Travel  with the challenge of offering high quality tours with a concern for the Environment and Conservation. Many people, Porters, Assistants, Guides, Cooks, etc have benefited from his knowledge, expertise and sharing of skills.  Sparrow Explorer Travel  is  committed to the Andean and Jungle Communities providing work and other opportunities for development, while helping to conserve their valuable traditions and customs, showing and sharing the great historical, archaeological and cultural legacy left by one of the most advanced cultures of the world… the Incas.

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