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If you find it necessary to cancel your confirmed tour reservation, you may transfer your space to another suitable person (not in Inca Trail trek tour), the cancellation of your reservation will become effective upon receipt by us of your written notification via email. Or also if due any circumstances you are unable to hike Inca Trail or other treks we can switch to a train tour option using your Inca Trail purchased permits and tickets. thus, we reserve the right to apply a surcharge of the tour price to cover cancellation charges and other administrative costs. Booking deposit of US$ 200.00 pp is non-refundable. Cancelations for: Inca Trail Trek, Alternatives treks to Machupicchu,Tours by Train to Machupicchu in Group or Private Service.

1.a. Cancellation of tour once we confirmed you already. Non-refundable your deposit.

1.b. Cancellation of tour within 60 Days to 36 Days of departure incurs a loss of 40% of total cost

1.c. Cancellation of tour within 35 Days to 16 Days of departure incurs a loss of 60% of total cost

1.d. Cancellation of tour within 15 days to 9 Days of departure incurs a loss of 80% of total cost

1.e. Cancellation of tour within 8 Days to 72 hours of departure incurs a loss of total tour cost...

However, We can organize an alternative tour in order to visit Machu Picchu joining you to one of our groups and utilizing your permit for it, completing the tour as normal from here within this cancellation penalty charge if train tickets are available . The only extra charge is the cost of the train to Aguas Calientes. US$ 80.00 pp Accommodation and meals in Aguas Calientes are provided. Travel Insurance is mandatory which cover, under certain circumstances, against the loss of deposit or cancellation charges. (Please note permits for Inca Trail hike are prohibited to re-sell your spot after you have cancelled and we need to cover other expenses for this tour when you cancel).


Cancelations for: Packages tours with or without Inca Trail trek, alternative treks, and by train. Packages tours with Machupicchu, Jungle Trips, Extension Tours. (Hotels, Jungle Lodges and jungle tours apply No-Show in case of cancellation and they require a full payment in advance made before clients arrive.). Booking deposit of US$ 400.00 pp is non-refundable.

2.a.  Cancellation of tour once We confirmed you already. Non-refundable your deposit.

2.b. Cancellation of tour within 60 Days to 41 Days of departure incurs a loss of 40% of total cost

2.c. Cancellation of tour within 40 Days to 21 Days of departure incurs a loss of 60% of total

2.d. Cancellation of tour within 20 days to11 Days of departure incurs a loss of 80% of total cost

2.e. Cancellation of tour within 10 Days to 72 hours of departure incurs a loss of total tour cost...

Travel Insurance.-We strongly recommend that full Travel Insurance is taken, which includes cover, under certain circumstances, against the loss of deposit or cancellation charges. Please note that no reimbursements are given when cancellations occur or for any unused services. Get a one week or more days insurance.


1.- You must inform to our staff of any medical problems or allergies. You need to be in good physical health and if your health is questionable, then you should consult a doctor that you are going to hike in high altitude. If you are over the age of 69, then you will need to present us with a current medical certificate, letter (only for Treks as: Inca Trail, Salkantay, Lares, Choquequirao, Ausangate). Tours by train, Packages without hikes, Jungle tours not required.

2.- You must inform to your mountain guide if you are thinking to leave the group or the camping area for independent walks or sightseeing. If you are experiencing any problems with the service of the guide or tour please communicate the guide in that moment. So he can resolve any problems as soon as possible.

3.- You must have with you the original passport and valid ISIC student card (if applicable and confirmed) on the trail, tour. If you do not take the correct original passport as indicated in your permit, the control will annul your permit and refuse you entrance to the trail or new fee will be required to pay by you.(If you have booked as student and you do not have a ISIC card, the only way to validate your permit is paying a new Adult fee.) If for any reason, you organize a new passport after we have purchased your permits, you must send us by email a color scan of your new passport and bring the old passport with you, Administrative charge for this formal change is (US$ 15 per person and is gonna be cover f)

4.- Unless you are thinking to bring more weight than the 07 kilos that are included already for your trek you must inform us and book it in advance or email us to: info@sparrowexplorer.com

5.- Change of dates is not possible after a permit has been processed. Permits for Machupicchu and Inca Trail hike are non-transferable nor refundable Permits. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that we do this because we are prohibited to re-sell your spot after you have cancelled. However, you can use part of the permit for Machupicchu admission in other tour such as Lares, Salkantay, or train tours to Machupicchu.

6.- All the tours to Machu Picchu includes: Train and car transport return to Cusco is included. The train company only confirm the train schedule option to trekking agencies a few days before a trek for one way tickets from Aguas Calientes. Our preference would be a train departure between 16:00 pm - 17:00 pm and return to Cusco around at 20:30 pm but needs to have enough seats available to accommodate the group and usually this is not an issue except around large festivals such as Easter, Inti Raymi (festival of the sun), Independence day, christmas and new year.

7.- We are going to take all reasonable care in providing service to our clients to avoid accident, illness, loss of personal property and will only employ suitably qualified staff. We accept responsibility for the actions of our own employees. Sparrow Explorer can’t however be responsible for any action or event that was unforeseeable or unavoidable. We also can’t be responsible for improper acts by clients or other third party. You are totally responsable for your own personal property and rented equipment.

8.- Sparrow Explorer doesn’t take responsibility for additional costs due to unfavorable weather conditions, natural catastrophe, strikes, accidents, illness, injury, loss of personal items, etc. It’s the clients responsibility to carry a Travel Insurance to cover these types of events. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program due to any of the unforeseen conditions listed above.

9.- In extreme cases when Inca trail to Machupicchu is declared closed for safety reasons Sparrow Explorer can replace your trek with an alternative trek such as 4 Days Lares trek or 4 days Salkantay trek or Choquequirao trek and your booking deposit money will be used for this or if you prefer an alternative tour such as 4 days Lake Titicaca tour or Jungle tour, etc. Well anyway we are going to give you some of the many options.

10.- Please !!! Remember that all of our tours are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control including, weather,road or trail conditions and flight schedules.

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