expert Peruvian tour guide 2023
Edwin Tintaya – expert Peruvian tour guide 2023

Edwin Tintaya, is an expert peruvian tour guide and father in Peru 2023.

Expert Peruvian tour Guide: Our professional tour guides’ primary objective is to make your trip more than just another average vacation. Peru family travel professionals like Edwin Tintaya have carved out a respected niche for themselves as tour guides in South America’s enthralling landscapes thanks to their inexhaustible enthusiasm for discovery and unyielding dedication to crafting experiences that will last a lifetime for their clients. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can put you in touch with advisors like Edwin.

Sparrow Explorer Travel values the contributions that parents make to their families and acknowledges the difficulties that they face. Edwin, one of our tour guides and a father of two, shed light on the influence of family on his job, his interactions with first-time Peruvian visitors, and the way the pursuit of Edwin’s passion has altered the dynamic of his family.

Edwin, a tour guide for almost 18 years, joined Sparrow Explorer with the goal of providing tourists with insights beyond those found in guidebooks via his own personal tales, experiences, and connections.

For over two decades now, my family’s lifestyle, outlook on life, and approach to travel and cultural immersion have all been profoundly influenced by my profession as a tour guide. Our clients want more than simply to snap a photo at Machu Picchu and then depart, so we try to accommodate their interests by taking them to off-the-beaten-path locations where they can actually be a part of the culture.

Edwin has learned from a young age the importance of sharing the Quechua culture with visitors so that they may feel more connected to their own heritage and culture.

A century ago, Edwin’s family farmed the land outside of Cusco to provide for themselves; today, as Cusco and the surrounding area rapidly modernize, Edwin and his family rely on tourism to preserve their native ways of life.

“I was raised in a tiny town where the local Quechua culture was highly valued. When I tell stories about my life to our visitors, I usually start with my childhood and the way I grew up with my dad. In the highlands, he farmed. Sharing these rituals with our customers “brings me closer to my roots”; “they learn about me and my family and start to feel like my family too,” he added.

Many families of Quechua ancestry, like Edwin’s, have realized the value of capitalizing on the possibilities that arise when people learn about and appreciate their unique culture. Edwin, via Sparrow Explorer, honors his ancestors by providing tourists from all over the globe with genuine and in-depth experiences based on his extensive knowledge of the local area. Edwin’s family takes great pride in keeping their culture alive, and he hopes to instill that same passion in his own children and, eventually, in their children. This includes everything from guiding treks along ancient trails to sharing traditional cuisine and crafts.

Edwin reflects on his beginnings with pride: “I started as a porter, carrying backpacks for tourists on the Inca Trail on the way to Machu Picchu – it was my first time ever with foreigners.” He had no idea that he was taking the first steps toward a dramatic change. Following in their footsteps, he had a strong desire to make friends and share his family’s fascinating history with others, and he took advantage of every chance to do so. At that crucial juncture, he realized that his actual purpose was in guiding tourists around the world.

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His experience as a porter on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has given him access to the greatest insider information about the ancient city.

Tour guide in Cusco
Tour guide in Cusco -June 2023

Today, he is a seasoned tour guide in Cusco, and his enthusiasm shines through in every interaction with his lucky clients as he incorporates the rich tapestry of his past into their lives.

I have one brother; he’s 25 years old and majored in finance in college. He currently has a position at a hotel. The fact that he can communicate well in both English and Spanish is something he boasts about with pride. Edwin is encouraging his 2-year-old daughter to pursue anything she is passionate about, but he hopes she will eventually follow in his footsteps. I’ll back her up if she ever chooses to pursue a career in the travel industry, he added.

As Edwin considers the differences between his farmer father and his own upbringing, he is aware of the great potential and chances available to his children. He thinks that by providing them with steady encouragement and unconditional love, he may help them grow their dreams and forge their own pathways in this world.

Edwin is a vital member of the Sparrow Explorer team, and as such, he is aware that tourists and their families are looking for more than just a guide; they want ambassadors who can enhance their trip with genuine, first-hand knowledge of the area and fascinating anecdotes from the area’s history and culture. Guests set off on a journey of exquisite discovery, where each stop has deep symbolic and emotional meaning.

“I’ve always understood that Sparrow Explorer’s customers want more than just a guide; they want authentic, local insights to enrich their trip. At Sparrow Explorer, I’ve always felt like I could be myself and talk about my family’s history. Seeing other dads on vacation with their kids makes my own fatherhood that much sweeter.

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The greatest pleasure is interacting with individuals from other cultures.

Many of Edwin’s visitors refer to him as “Uncle Edwin,” but he takes his role as a parent seriously both at work and in his personal life. “Sometimes when our customers are traveling with kids, they feel like they can’t do more daring things like climbing Machu Picchu – so I advise them to leave the kids with “Edwin uncle.”

On our own time, the kids and I would visit the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) and study ancient history. As a dad, it warms my heart when other dads entrust me with their family vacations. It’s not like I can turn off being a parent; while I’m not at home with my own kids, I’m playing uncle to the kids of Sparrow Explorer customers.

A trip with the family is sure to be memorable no matter where you go, but it can become really remarkable with the help of knowledgeable local guides like Edwin. Edwin’s interest is making new friends and introducing people to his heritage via sharing his culture, community, and experiences with the families he works with.

The epidemic instilled in us the value of seeing the world and learning about other people, places, and ideas outside the typical tourist destinations. My dad didn’t get to travel the world like this, but my kids will, and that’s how we teach people about our culture while being true to our origins.

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