Inca Trail Network System in South America

One of the wonders in the world that we could compare with so many others in the world would be the Inca Trail made by the Incas. which was used to connect communities, villages, towns, cities. but to speak of this real road made by the Incas is not only to talk about 42 kilometers or 4 days of trekking to Machu Picchu but it is about more than 60,000 kilometers that until today was found in more than 6 South American countries (Colombia , Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile). To talk about the Inca Trail is to talk about paths that linked different towns and cities and this communication that existed with the other, so that the empire is always in interaction, a fundamental reason for which they developed in such a short time but at the magnitude of great empires like Egypt, China, Greece, Aztecs or Mayans and is that at that time the best treasure they had was the wisdom which was passed from generation to generation and the Inca Trail facilitated the transfer of information from one site to another but not only information It was what was transported by this system of communication but also help in case of natural disasters or when the king had to move from one place to another used these trails to get to the place where he wanted to go because we remember that he traveled constantly to verify their land and see how the expansion of their new lands was going.

The Inca road which is paved in some cases and in others simply put marks to be able to know in which direction the path was going but all this was always in function to the resources that can be found around but also in function to the geography of the site . because if the paths were paved it was to be able to conserve the communication systems of one village with the other in view of the fact that these could easily be covered by vegetation in places such as the jungle but in other places such as the desert or hills where there was no quite a lot of vegetation was not so necessary, they just marked to not be able to get lost in the use of these roads.

Cusco city one of the most wonderful Inca cities that you will find in the world with their narrow streets, beau

In some moments of the trip to Peru we did with Latin Treks, especially in Cusco, we had the feeling that the Spaniards especially grace we fell in those lands.


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