Koricancha – Temple of the Sun

The Etymology of Koricancha or Temple of the Sun coming from Quechua language that means, Kori = gold and Cancha = spot or place. Where the Andean people used to worship to one of their most important gods. This smooth and very well-done building made it in the capital city of the Incas was built just for one purpose.

So, when we are talking about Inca Culture is impossible forget to talk of the temple of the sun where the andean people used to worship the sun that not just the incas reverence to this deity if not almost all the cultures of the world as Egyptian, Chinese, Aztecs and other ones too!!!

Koricancha very apart from having some Spanish architecture on it, they also built on another pre-Inca architecture. So, it is one of the few places where you can find pre-Inca seeds and it is super simple how to recognize these 3 different types of architecture.

For this reason and others, it can be said that this site had to be a special place for which they built the pre-Incas and Incas but in the same way the main reason why the Spaniards put one of their important temples on this site.

Maybe this is one of the best ways to show that human beings have always had the habit of imposing their power on another human group and this site can observe this behavior.

Although it is true that this construction is made with andesite stone brought from the quarries of Rumicolca, which is located southeast, more than 30km away from the city of Cusco. which was not an inconvenience for the Incas in view of the fact that it was part of their routine to carry out activities which today we see as very difficult due to the ease that the technology gave us.

But, to talk about this temple of the sun is not simply to say that there is one in the entire territory of Tahuantinsuyo (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile). If not, we should know that the majority of Inca sites or constructions have a temple of the sun in view of the fact that they had to perform a certain activity in function of a station such as: agriculture, construction of sites, the time of wars, the era rituals, party time and more.

Also, I would like to comment you that this building was decorated with gold and other metals. However, they had one garden made it with animals and plants in real site and all of those things in gold.

So, I am going to recommend to visit this place and explore every single different temple that there are into the temple of the Sun and understand why the andean people used this as a one of their most important buildings.

The Temple of the Sun, also known as the Temple of Inti, was a sacred building in the Inca Empire, located in the city of Cusco, Peru. The temple was dedicated to the worship of Inti, the sun god, and was considered one of the most important religious buildings in the Inca Empire. It was said to be a place where the sun’s rays first touched the earth each day, and where the Inca emperor held important religious ceremonies.

The temple was built using large stone blocks and had an intricate system of windows and walls that were designed to align with the sun’s movements throughout the year. It is believed that the temple was used for astronomical observations and for marking the changing of the seasons.

Unfortunately, the temple was destroyed by the Spanish conquerors during their colonization of South America and its exact location is unknown today. However, many of the stones from the temple were used in the construction of colonial-era buildings in Cusco, and some of these structures still exist today, serving as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the Inca Empire.

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