Meeting Machu Picchu, Dream of Incas

Although we are staying in one of the best hotels in Aguas Calientes, I knew that tonight was going to cost me more than necessary sleep. The rain kept coming down the river nourish very grown, the powerful sound of the water against the rocks was deafening. I've never had too many problems to fall into the arms of Morpheus, but that evening was very different. Machu Picchu was waiting for us at dawn.
Hotel rooms can be a bit cold when you're not with your family, so I called the family on Skype and told them he was traveling in Peru, we were doing with Latin Treks, she was going smoothly, not nothing to worry about. Their voices and laughter of Juan reassured me a little. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, the nerves disappeared.
At that time I had two fears. The alarm will play tricks on me and the rest of the group to forget me in the morning, or the fall of the universal deluge Aguas Calientes that evening and flooding prevented us meet one of the dreams of every traveler, visit the Machu Picchu .
My fears were unfounded. My old iPhone 3 rang when we had agreed thanks Steve Jobs- and when I came down to breakfast the rest of the group had the same feelings as me. Some call butterfly fluttering in the stomach, others tickle, I would rate it as simply illusion. The first date always seems to be a mixture of panic and hope.
Under a light rain we went to take one of the many buses daily run between Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu. They are 8 kilometers of winding roads and breathtaking views of the valley. In each curve it seems that the vehicle is to hurl the cliff, but eventually you get used to it.
While the bus is full nobody says anything. All are daydreaming and imagining how it will be time to see the Machu Picchu with their own eyes. I also feel I entertain myself with this game of vagary.
Vanity and stupidity commuter sometimes makes us believe that there are places that do not thrill us because they are too well known, are very tourist or are overcrowded. He doubted Machu Picchu, is a foolishness, no place on the face of the Earth that can compare to that ancient Inca city. Just for that wonder worth traveling to Peru.
We crossed the checkpoint and doors that marked the beginning of the tour and we heard the first cries of amazement. We were in full rainy season and clouds painted the picture with an aura of mystery that made him unique. How should be that with the clear sky?
While asimilábamos everything, we accompanied a guide was telling us the historical details of the discovery of Machu Picchu or what function it formerly had the places we were going. To be honest, I have to say I did not do it the slightest attention to that good woman.
I was as in a state of shock at what my eyes were seeing. The clouds, the rain and that sort of catharsis seemed to live the dream of the Incas. I let your imagination and tried to answer two questions. How could they build all this? How would you feel Hiram Bingham 100 years ago when it came across with this discovery?
Nothing would now try to describe the heartbreaking beauty of Huayna Picchu and full of terraced farming valley, the imposing of the buildings that are preserved or energy emanating stones placed over 2,000 meters. Words will never do justice to what we live in Machu Picchu. It is a place of sensations, emotions, dreams.
No rain, no clouds, no exaltation prevented me like a child enjoy that experience. That day I promised myself that I had to return with my family. Everyone should see this place in Peru with his own eyes.

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