In some moments of the trip to Peru we did with Latin Treks, especially in Cusco, we had the feeling that the Spaniards especially grace we fell in those lands. The misdeeds of our ancestors in the New World were appalling and during the trip we saw the effects that had those vile and greedy acts.

As I tell this to you say that at all times we were treated wonderfully in Peru, although I find this somewhat irrational San Benito hang us all Spaniards by the shameful and reprehensible facts conquerors over 500 years ago made.

Perhaps one of the clearest of which resulted in the conquest of the Incas can be seen today in the Qorikancha of Cusco examples. This is one of the essential cultural visits if you travel to this Andean city, which housed the richest temple of the Inca Empire. In addition, entry only costs 10 soles (less than 3 euros).

And I say that now housed the Inca ruins have become the foundation of a colonial church and convent of Santo Domingo. The mixture is strange, but very pleasing to the eye and gives it a special charm.

As we told our excellent guide Dagmar, the Qorikancha of Cusco was covered in gold everywhere, but the Spaniards looted everything and left not a single specimen of that opulence.

He was also one of the most important ceremonial sites of the Inca Empire, since in the Qorikancha of Cusco the Inca mummies of the deceased, that is, of the noblest representatives of Tahuantinsuyo were found. Dagmar hear about the Incas was a blast. Thanks to his passion and his words learned that the mummies were taken in procession and were offered food and drink to remember his greatness. As you can imagine, these mummies were later replaced by saints.

As for the current Qorikancha, say that is really beautiful. Its walls are lined with colonial artworks of Peru, but can not be photographed. The inner courtyard and arcade Convent of Santo Domingo is a marvel.

However, what impresses the Qorikancha of Cusco are the foundations and outer walls of more than 6 meters high. The way in which the Incas worked the stone left us speechless. Then we would see more samples in Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu, but it was there where we started to understand what excellent architects and builders who were the Incas.

To give you an idea, they carried huge boulders from the mountains and then worked individually. They were carved on the basis of which it had around to mate perfectly. So they managed to withstand centuries of earthquakes and invasions.

I highly recommend a visit to Qorikancha of Cusco recommend. Of course, doing an exercise of imagination that you fantasize of his face that put Francisco Pizarro to see those walls filled with gold and jewels.

One of the wonders in the world that we could compare with so many others in the world would

Cusco city one of the most wonderful Inca cities that you will find in the world with their narrow streets, beau


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