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Solo Traveler: If you’ve never gone on a solo trip before, it can be intimidating to consider it. It’s simple to check in for your departure flight; the reality only sets in when you land alone in an unfamiliar place. Any skepticism at first is, however, momentary. Nerves will have already given way to excitement by the time you have checked into your hotel and have begun exploring the streets in search of your first meal.

The appropriate destination choice is a key component of mastering solo travel. Some locations are better suited for a solitary travel experience than others, regardless of whether you’re setting off on an ambitious multicountry journey or taking an impromptu city break. There are places where tourists are organically thrown together, making it simple to meet new people, and there are places where seclusion is naturally suited.

The best part is that there are places to go alone all over the world, making it possible to travel alone both in the dead of winter and in the height of summer. The following list of ten locations that solo travelers may count on is arranged by interest. These locations will set the tone for your solo travel journey, whether you’re into partying, relaxation, hiking, or sightseeing.

South America is ideal for alone explorations.

South America is the ultimate adventure location since there are mountains to climb, rivers to raft, ancient ruins to discover, and jungles to explore. The best season to travel to Patagonia and the Andes is during the winter in the northern hemisphere, which is also the country’s summer. The continent offers something for every type of traveler, from well-trodden roads in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil to pristine jungle tracks in Ecuador and Colombia. There will never be a lack of company on the Machu Picchu Tour.

Don’t let the breadth of the continent intimidate you; South America is great for solo overlanding thanks to simple border crossings and well-established traveler centers. The well-traveled Gringo Trail, which passes through the most well-known locations on the continent, guarantees frequent encounters with other travellers and plenty of chances to buddy up with visitors going in the same direction. This makes traveling alone uncomplicated, as does the overall friendliness of the populace and the continent’s extensive network of luxury hostels.

Incredible solo travel experience: mountain biking down Bolivia’s iconic Death Road (the term is a simplification, in case you were afraid), then debriefing with your fellow riders over a few beers.

Rome, Italy, is ideal for culture.

Rome’s cityscape is a multicolored canvas of creative flair, architectural awe, and historical marvels. From ancient landmarks like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to the towering masterpiece of Renaissance architecture that is St. Peter’s Basilica. There is so much to see that there is little chance of getting bored whether you are there for two days or two months.

Despite the fact that English is not as frequently spoken as in some European countries, the 14 million other tourists who come to this cultural center every year make it difficult to feel alone. Also, when dining alone in Rome’s world-class restaurants, you only have to worry about pleasing one palate. Rome promotes relaxation, so don’t overbook yourself; meeting new people over a glass of wine at dusk is a must-do activity in The Eternal City.

Seeing St. Peter’s Basilica and strolling the 7km (4.3 miles) of galleries that make up the Vatican Museums is an epic solo travel experience.

Best for a lone stopover is Singapore

There are few more stress-free solo travel experiences than touching down at Singapore’s award-winning Changi airport on a tropical afternoon. There are a variety of cultural attractions to explore, a growing selection of hostels and guesthouses, tons of free activities, and one of the best public transportation systems in the world (including excellent airport links).

The city is ideal for solitary travelers, whether you decide to wander through the Chinatown Cultural Centre with an audio guide, marvel at the ethereal Gardens by the Bay, jump into a luxury rooftop pool, or join the crowds dining in Singapore‘s hawker food courts.

East Africa is ideal for a tour with other people.

Have you always wanted to see gorillas in the Rwandan woods, meet a Maasai chief in Kenya, or see the “Big Five” in Tanzania but were put off by the logistics of traveling through East Africa alone? A group tour can make traveling to this breathtaking area of the world easier and provide as a safety net against the occasionally unpleasant experiences that first-timers in Africa may encounter.

The tourism infrastructure in East Africa is well developed, making it possible to travel alone in most of the region’s nations (especially Kenya and Tanzania). However, joining a group tour allows you to combine a number of big game viewing safaris across several nations without having to worry about paying extra fees for lone travelers or juggling numerous tours and transportation.

The best part is that tours in these must-visit places draw a varied range of tourists, so you’re much less likely to be the only single traveler trapped between canoodling couples or the lone 20-something in a coach full of empty-nesters.

The ideal place for introspection is Ubud, Indonesia

Bali has a unique enchantment, regardless of your feelings toward Elizabeth Gilbert’s landmark solo trip memoir Eat, Pray, Love. Ubud, the island’s hub of art and spirituality, is where the author fell in love (and maybe dined and prayed), and it continues to be a wonderfully laid-back location for single travelers to unwind, think, and rejuvenate. Bali is also a year-round vacation spot. The island is busiest in the summer, but winter is as charming and peaceful.

There won’t be any suspicious looks if you show up alone to a morning yoga class or request a table for one in one of the town’s upscale vegetarian cafes because Ubud, which is tucked away among emerald rice fields bordered by mist-wrapped mountains, draws throngs of solo travelers. Book a stay at one of the many wellness retreats that dot the verdant hills around Ubud to fully experience the healing power of the city (and for some serious solitude).

Incredible solo travel experience: Waking up really early before it gets hot to attend a holistic class where you can learn everything from yoga to meditation. You can then follow that up with a massage at a well-known spa like Taksu Spa.

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