Choquequirao Trek (4D/3N)





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The journey to Choquequirao or known as the other Machu Picchu for be untouch by spaniers is located in Cusco. After 145 Km with paved road and 10 km unpaved road in order to get finally to Cachora. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the route can also appreciate the deeper flora and fauna of Apurimac Cañon. However, Choquequiraw isn´t just the modern Machu picchu if not something special as many inca ruins that its possible to find in the amazon,

There are many inca trails that in the last years have been cleaning in order to be use as alternative route going to this amazing and magical place. Choquequirao will be the for sure the future Machu Picchu because, is huge with a lot places for visit and probable what is possible to see now its almost nothing how will be in the following years.

so I´m going to invited you to explorer and be part of the adventures to this magical and majestic city left by the incas for their citizens (Choquequirao). however, at the same time we would like to let you know that the unique way to get there its by a hike of 4 days and at less 1 full day to explore this wonderful place. So, if you want to imagine Machu Picchu very long time ago without many people this will be your opportunity.

Also, about Choquequirao just as a little spoiler I would like to mention that this incredible city the Chachapoyas left it. at the same time had one very unique building known as the llamas terraces and it´s because we can find this animal as iconography in the same terraces. those are couple of the main reason “why you have to visit this amazing places”

Flora, fauna, landscapes and history is possible to enjoy in Choquequirao !!!

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