Choquequirao Trek (4D/3N)

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The journey to Choquequirao or known as the other Machu Picchu for be untouch by spaniers is located in Cusco. After 145 Km with paved road and 10 km unpaved road in order to get finally to Cachora. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the route can also appreciate the deeper flora and fauna of Apurimac Cañon. However, Choquequiraw isn´t just the modern Machu picchu if not something special as many inca ruins that its possible to find in the amazon,

There are many inca trails that in the last years have been cleaning in order to be use as alternative route going to this amazing and magical place. Choquequirao will be the for sure the future Machu Picchu because, is huge with a lot places for visit and probable what is possible to see now its almost nothing how will be in the following years.

so I´m going to invited you to explorer and be part of the adventures to this magical and majestic city left by the incas for their citizens (Choquequirao). however, at the same time we would like to let you know that the unique way to get there its by a hike of 4 days and at less 1 full day to explore this wonderful place. So, if you want to imagine Machu Picchu very long time ago without many people this will be your opportunity.

Also, about Choquequirao just as a little spoiler I would like to mention that this incredible city the Chachapoyas left it. at the same time had one very unique building known as the llamas terraces and it´s because we can find this animal as iconography in the same terraces. those are couple of the main reason “why you have to visit this amazing places”

Flora, fauna, landscapes and history is possible to enjoy in Choquequirao !!!

Day 1: Cusco — Cachora — Santa Rosa

We leave Cusco at 4:00 am to get to Cachora at 8:00 approx. From this site is possible to enjoy the amaizng snow-capped Padrayoc this m.s.n.m. 5482 The hike the first day is 21.70 km. Away. On the way we will observe the snowy Padrayoc and Wayna Cachora, observing the beautiful changing landscapes from precipices to snowy mountains. Rosalinda is the place located in the apurimac riverside them we will continue to Santa Rosa where is going be the camping before we get to this majestic place of Modern Machu Picchu (Choquequirao).

Day 2: Santa Rosa — Choquequiraw — Raqaypata

This day we will wake up very early and after breakfast, we are going to continue to climb up in order to get to Choquequirao, bacause this place its located 5 hours Approx. from our last camping. Guided tour and free time. We observe three levels of excavated ruins where we see enclosures, terraces and other places in the process of excavation and unexplored routes. Lunch and dinner in Raqaypata (2910 m).

Day 3: Raqaypata – Chiquisqa

After breakfast, walk back toward Chiquisqa. On the way we can see the Apurimac, as well as an exuberant vegetation and variety of flowers and orchids. Walking time is approximately 10 hours. Altitude: 3033-1950 m. Lunch at Playa Rosalinda and then continue to Chiquisqa. in this place we are going to enjoy our last nigth camping talking very local histories for now more about this local place.

Day 4: Chiquisqa – Cachora-Cusco

Early, after breakfast (5:00 am), we continue to reach Cachora. On the hike we can appreciate the majestic snowcapped Padrayoc again. and them keep walking in order to get Cachora on time bacause it´s around 7 hours hike from where is going to pick up the car for bring back to Cusco City. Arrival at Cusco approximately at 10 pm.

Professional Tour Guides:  all of our tour guides are from the university and at the same time they speak really good english. however the most important is that all our tour guides are local people that grew up in the andes with many ancient knowledge ready to teach you any ancestors tradition and customs. but, at the same time they are funny and so professionals making you one unforgettable expedition with safety and happiness.

Permits: after we just receive your deposit and informations about you. our staff is in charge to get your permits for the inca trail. This permits are for a specific date and your name have to be the same as your passport details.

Briefing: one night before start your trek, you need to come to our office for the group briefing with your mountain guide. well in this place we´ll give you the duffle bag that our porters are gonna carry for you. helping you 7 kg/ 14 pounds of your weight. making you to enjoy this trek and be something unforgettable for your life.

Chefs: our food will be cook by our professional chefs according the things that you eat and if you have some allergies to some products or you don’t want to eat any food just let us know in order to avoid to put in your meals.

Porters: our staff is include for porters that are in charge to carry the weight of all of the team as the food, tents, plates, bowls, chairs, etc. but at the same time always ready to help you.

Transportation: transportations for all the trek is included from the beginning to the end with cars and train (we´ll pick you up from you hotel and take you back in your hotel ¨our service is door to door”).

Equipment: Sparrow Explorer travel has the best equipment that you need for your trek in order to take you safe and happy enjoying at the same time.

Food: our healthy and organic food is gonna be prepare by our chef that have a lot of experience cooking in the mountains and at the same time you have the chance to tell us if you don´t eat some products because you have allergies in that way our chef will cook without that things. just because we want that you enjoy this adventure.

Water: this important element we´ll start to supply for your first lunch to your last breakfast and you can refill your plastic bottle or camelback. but from where come this water ?. well this water is take from the natural springs that there are along the way. filtered and then boiled in order finally to cooled down before to give you for drink or refill your bottles. remember that is really important drink plenty water for your hike.

First Aid Kid: your safety (healthy, safe, satisfy and enjoying) is one of our first priorities. This first aid kid that we have is complete with basic things that you can need for the trek and oxygen tank just in order to take you safe.

Extras: We consider it´s just couple details for your trek. because, we already tell you all the things for your hike. just you need to get rain poncho, sun cream, and few things that you can get here  and is so much easy to buy in our mini markets and drugstore.

Important to book:

To start the registration process is necessary to present the following information:

Full name, age and nationality.
Passport number.
For students – Carnet ISIC CARD (send image in JPG format or similar)
Pre-payment of US $ 150.00 per person to enter your booking request dates.
Payment methods:

Sending money by Western Union.
(Order instructions according to the chosen option)
Without the information and pre-payment is requested you can not start the booking process.

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