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Mr Sparrow, is a person that was born and grew up in the mountains for that reason he understand in the right way what is exactly the things that they need for their development in the andes without change their customs and traditions in order to preserve our history as a amazing culture. but, the most important for us is our service and It was the reason why he studied archaeology and made many studies in the andes for help to their brothers and sisters (andean people). because, He saw to this people suffering there and that is the main reason why He needs to create one company that help to this people. of course with your help and support.


Our job it’s make amazing and unforgettable experience for you. because, we know that everyone have and need different necessities for this trek of course in order to make possible your dreams  coming true for this hike we’ll give you the best service for you.


Our staff (workers of the office, guides, chefs and porters) are the best. because, They have constantly training in each of their areas with plenty experience too. but all of then are keep studying for the best service. at the same time this company contracts the best professional for their training as a (doctors, archaeologist, anthropologies, psychologies, professors in quality of service and chefs) all of then in order to learn how to offer you the best service.


These people are probably one of the most important staff in this company. because, It couldn’t be possible to have an amazing experience in the mountain without then. and all of this job is make it with happiness just because they receive good payment for their job and just this thing helps to everyone because this money is for their families and their kids and for sure they are gonna have better life just thanks to you.
However, It’s really important to inform you that when you book and you take the service with us part of your payment is gonna be use for books, computers, notebooks, toothbrush, toothpaste, organic soap, towel and many another things that they need in order to give much better life. and all of this things we give with our social projects.


Meals are the most important in our life because without food we won’t have energy and when we are talking about food. it means organic food in this company, and our chef is gonna be in charge to cook for you a delicious food. However, It’s really important for your tour guide inform him  if you have some allergies or restrictions food in order to avoid put in your meals. but the most important without change the flavor because our chef have plenty experience. 
But, remember that all of our meals are buffet and you have the chance to choose which can of food would you like to eat.


Because, We have a lot of experience in this type of expeditions and your comfort with enjoyment  of this trek depend of the equipment.
We have the appropriate equipment for this trek with some additional things in order to have unforgettable hike. but, the most important are that everything is portable and ecological.


We created this company just with one simple purpose and it was help to the andean people with their life. Because, every day we are losing our culture and customs. although, We are trying to rescue and it’s because many people are moving to the city and they start to forget their manifestations or culture. Therefor if you book with this company you support to this communities. 
Because, We give job to this people and at the same time we donate several times in the year computers, books, pens, notebooks, colored pencils, crayons, papers, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, etc. but, the most important for us is gonna be to teach how fantastic is keep preserving our culture and customs if we want to know more about this cultures incas.