Mr. Sparrow was born and grew up in the Andean highlands, appreciating the unique culture and traditions. From this first-hand experience, he has a deep understanding of what is needed for future development without risking a loss of this amazing culture. However, along with our goals of social activism, we prioritize providing excellent services, including personal interpretation of archaeology, history, and anthropological information. With your help and support, we aim to enrich the local population’s lives and provide you with the unique experiences that they live on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Our job is to create an amazing and unforgettable experience for you. We are familiar with many different visitors’ needs and will do our utmost to accommodate that which you need to make your dreams come true.

Our Team

We humbly consider our staff (both in the office and on the trail) to be the best because they are constantly training in each of their areas of expertise. We also partner with superior professionals in different service areas (doctors, archaeologists, anthropologists, psychologists, professors, and chefs), to further our training and ensure we are consistently providing the best service possible.

Our Porters

We think of our team of porters as the “backbone” of our company because it would be impossible to enjoy our time in the mountains without them. Additionally, through our company’s partnership, we ensure that all those who provide this service receive fair payment, which allows them to further their children’s and family’s lives, while pursuing a traditional lifestyle.

In addition to providing a living wage, this partnership also funds essential items like school supplies, computers, hygienic items, and other goods that the Andean people require to improve their lives. This social component is an essential aspect of our company, that is only made possible by you!

Our Food

In order to provide you with the energy to enjoy our action-packed days, our chef is in charge of creating fantastic menus using local, organic foods. Our meals are also done buffet-style, allowing you to sample many different wonderful foods every day.

We are also familiar with accommodating any food restrictions, from allergies to dietary concerns, simply let us know when you book with us and don’t worry about a thing!

Our Equipment

Both having grown up in the environment and done these treks many times, we are well-versed in the best equipment we can provide to ensure you enjoy this experience as much as possible!

Additionally, all that we bring is ecologically-sound, ensuring that we can minimize our impact on the unique flora and fauna along the trails.

Our Community

Ultimately, this company was created with the simple goal of preserving and supporting Andean people and their customs. Unfortunately, they are threatened every day as more of the population is forced to move to the cities to adequately provide for themselves.

By booking with this company, you are supporting a local way of life, while getting the chance to see the magic of it. You are allowing the traditions of the Inca civilization to continue surviving today, and we are very grateful for that!

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